Preparing for an AC Install

Summer has come and the heat is on the rise.  If you live anywhere in the south or even in the north you can only imagine how the summer will affect you.  For many, heat is going to be a major cause of sickness and more.  This is why if you don’t have adequate cooling measures you need to prepare for insulation services to come in and install your new unit.

Prepare for a full day

When we typically have something installed, it can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours.  When it comes to a large project like an AC unit, there are going to be some complexities that may come into play that you didn’t account for or may change the progress of the installation.  This is why when you are going to have something done plan for a full day.

Clean up around the install area

insulation services

You want to make sure that wherever the unit is going to be installed you want to have it clean.  You want to remove any trash, cut down grass and weeds and make it as clean as possible.  This will help with the new install as well as prep it for general maintenance later.

Keep kids and pets away

It is always fun and interesting when someone comes and does something at your home.  People are generally interested in what is going on.  However, if you have pets such as dogs you will want to have them in the house or in a room where they won’t cause trouble.  If you have kids, consider sending them away for the day.

Test everything

After the install is completed you want to go and test everything.  You want to make sure that your thermostat works, the vents are blowing air and more.  You don’t want to overlook anything and have the installer come back.